Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Featuring Etsy Sellers! Im GREEN with envy!!

Trio of Lime Green and Turquoise Handmade Glass Beads 12.00
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50 green buttons 1.95
by mamacateyes BUY IT HERE

tiny fairy doll 16.00
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water lily headband 12.50
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coconut and lime vegan soap 5.00
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rustic birdhouse 32.00
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inchworm 12.00
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Hello to a new year!! (well almost!)

here I am at work and it 8 pm. I cant WAIT for a new year to start! This past year has been good, not great, not bad, but just ok. I have finished another semester at school, and am still working on getting into the nursing program.
I was pretty sad about it the last few days as my sister got into a year long program and I didnt. She got in because her hospital pays 100 percent, and mine doesnt, so I couldnt afford the 5000 dollar tuition.
OH WELL, life goes on, and I am looking forward to finishing my prereqs and getting into the RN program.
I am also looking forward to hopefully growing my blog, and my Etsy shop!
I am going to start working on some new things this weekend, to try and come up with something that will sell. I NEED to sell something! I want to get away from Ebay completely.
Heres to many happy sales for all crafters, whatever their venue may be!!
Oh and tell all your friends to follow my blog, Im gonna work on getting better and more creative !!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pink and Black FEATURING Etsy Artists!!

letter b in pink buttons 15.00 by letterperfectdesigns

Heart Tags in Pink and Black Florals - set of 12 4.00 by digitalpaperie

Wow! Thats all I can say!

I cant believe how many nice comments I recieved on my treasury! Wouldnt it be cool if it made the front page?? Doubt it but HEY you just never know!!

Yippee!! I got a treasury!

First time trying!! It was SO fun! Maybe Im just weird... LOL
Anyways the pieces that I picked to be my first featured here on my blog were some of the ones I put in the treasury. One of the things I posted here sold right away darnit!
Anyways, check it out, tell me what you think!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Featuring some fellow Etsians!

Cute pair of Earrings!

Made By
$6.50 per Pair
Buy them here:

Red Lips Pin
Made by handmadebymk
Price $6.50
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Cute Red Elephant Ring!
Made by
price $5.00
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Made by Matdi123
price: $1.25 for a set of six
Buy them here:

My Wooly Octopus Water Bottle Cozy
Made by katesy
Price: $18.00
Buy It Here:

There is a REASON its called an Addiction!

Take for instance, TWITTER! I cant just Twitter once, or twice a day. I feel compelled to Twitter nonstop, as long as I see others Twittering back! Same with Etsy. Why must I check my hearts more than once a day? Its an addiction I tell you! But not all addictions are bad right???
LOL, thats what I tell myself anyways.....
I just made a midnight run to the store.
Heres the scenerio:
Mom goes to work. Dad fixes dinner for him and the kids. Youngest daughter doesnt feel like eating right now. Dad is still hungry. Dad eats youngest daughters hamburger cause OBVIOUSLY she doesnt want it. Mom gets home from work. Mom hears daughter whining DAD ATE MY HAMBURGER and IM HUNGRY! Mom has to go the store at MIDNIGHT to get daughter a snack.
Moral of this story??
DADS do not eat your childrens dinner, EVEN if they dont want it right now. Chances are, as soon as you eat it, suddenly they are gonna want it!


Oh MY throat is sore lol! Man, I have no money to go to the Dr. either, so I am trying to find out if UTI antibiotics will work for throat infections lol!
Anyways, I made some cute stuff last night, I cant remember what all I posted a pic of so here is one:
Its a valentines tooth fairy pillow!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

yaH! We are almost to a new year!

I just finished making more twilight pendants, as well as some cute steampunk things! I love the way this ring turned out...

I've been having fun making things with the kids, most was supposed to be for Etsy, but most ended up being gifts lol!
I had my daughter draw some things for the scrabble tile pendants, and they turned out SO cute! I think I am going to start a series called
"through the eyes of a child"
children just see things so differently than we do!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I know, I know... That sounds like little Timmy from A Christmas Carol, but its true! I hope everyone has a great holiday! We are pretty broke this year, so our Christmas isn't very merry as far as gifts are concerned, in fact my husband and I didn't even buy each other anything at all. But at times like this, it makes you realize just what Christmas really is about. I am just so thankful that I have four healthy children and good husband!
Sure its easy to be sad when you see everyone around you buying expensive things for their children, and it does make you stop and think "WHY ME?" Why cant I have good fortune like everyone else?
I have felt that way several times this Holiday. But everytime that I find myself mullygrubbing, I try to stop and think about those that are standing in a line waiting to get a plate of hot food, because they are just thankful to be able to EAT for Christmas. And I think about those that have no electricity, or water, or even transportation.
And most importantly, I think of those that will be celebrating a sad sad day today. Nothing has affected me more, EVER, than the case of the missing Floriday toddler, Caylee Marie Anthony. 2 weeks ago, after searching for her since July, they found her tiny little body, in a trash bag, less than a mile from her home. Her mother is in jail on charges of murder. She was a beautiful little girl, that was smart and funny from all the videos, and pictures that they have shown. Last year at this time, she was opening her presents, and excited over Santa. This year, she is celebrating the ultimate Christmas with Jesus!
I am just so thankful for health, and life, and love, and joy! There are so many things wrong in the world today, and if you really start thinking about it, you can get yourself down pretty quickly. But instead of focusing on the negative, try to think of a positive. It could
ALWAYS be worse! No matter what YOUR situation, there is someone else that is a worse predicament than you are.
Thank you GOD for YOUR ultimate gift, and thank you for all my gifts, Breahna, Joshua, Kayla, Noah, and husband RAY!
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have you ever heard of stitch markers?

I made up a set of stitch markers last night with sock monkeys, that turned out really cute! They seem to sell well on Etsy, so now I am thinking of some other cute things to make.

I am fixing to go log on to Etsy now and see if I can find some friends to feature on here!

"Fixing to" is a Texas code word for "I am going to"


Happy Christmas Eve!

I just finished all my Christmas cooking, and I am getting ready for work. I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here I am at work and I have an idea!

LOL, I come to work to think of new ideas! I work at a hospital and answer phones and page the Dr.'s. I only work evening so its normally pretty slow, so I spend my time, crafting, lookin on the net, blogging, answering emails, buying onine, LOL, that's what work is for right?? I have the best job :o)
Anyways, my idea is a
I found a link to make an easy light box, to make my pictures turn out better! I am making it as soon as I get home!
I might have to improvise on a couple of the items needed, but surely any kind of box will help the pics turn out better!

back to the grind!

Well my workweek starts today, and its FREEZING outside! Oh well, its Christmas weather I guess! Havent made ONE thing yet today! I think I might take my clay to work and make Twilight clay apple pendants.... Will post a pic tomorrow!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do you love Twilight??

I love the Twilight series, and have been making jewelry and such to go along with it. Tonight I finished a notebook/scrapbook with embellishments and vintage jewelry pieces. It came out quite wonderful!
Here is a pic! I also did an pendant of bella and edward, that started life as an old piece. I just love working with old things ! Tamales are all gone, and kids are all out of school this week, so by the end of the week, I'm gonna take a pic of my hair standing up on its ends!!
Happy crafting, and don't forget to check my etsy:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

tamales, and scrabble tile pendants!

wow what a subject! I am in the middle of making tamales, UMMM they smell so good too! and meanwhile while they are cooking, I have been "cooking" up some new scrabble tile pendants! I made some for the twilight series, and some vintage looking ones for valentine's day!
I will actually be glad for Christmas to be over with! I think I am
looking forward to a new year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its ten oclock at night and you need HOW many presents for your class???

OH MY! I have just finished 9 pairs of sock monkey earrings, 10 little boy gifts, and 4 teacher gifts, and of course I didn't get to start on them until tonight when my 13 year old and my 9 year old informed me with puppy dog eyes that they just HAD to have these gifts for their classes and friends!
I am tired, ready to go to bed, and I have a huge disaster in my living room yet to clean!
But thank God they are ALL in bed finally! So maybe there is hope for me to get to bed by at least 3:00 a.m.
I will try and post some pictures tomorrow!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

re: Caylee Anthony

I realize this has nothing to do with crafting or sock monkeys, but a blog is supposed to be our thoughts and fears, and happiness and sadness right?
Well, I have been following the tragic case of a missing toddler from Florida named Caylee Marie Anthony. Her mother did not report her missing for 31 days. Finally, her mother cornered her and MADE her tell where Caylee was at, and the mother, Casey Anthony, then blames it all on a phantom "nanny". This was first reported on my wedding anniversary, July 16th. I haven't slept good since that time! I don't know if it is due to my having children, or just a love for other humans, but it has bothered me and as my husband has said, has kept me obsessed since the story broke.
I have literally prayed EVERY day, that God would allow little Caylee to be found, one way or another, whether dead or alive. Although, in my heart, I have always felt she was no longer alive. Last thursday, after MONTHS of search crews searching, a utility worker from Florida went into the woods, near the Anthony home to relieve himself and saw a black garbage bag. Apparently, he instantly thought of Caylee, because he reached out and kicked the bag, only to his horror to have a skull roll out!
Well, this broke out into a media frenzy. What I thought might never be, is happening. God has allowed her tiny body to be found.
I am so thankful, that she can be properly laid to rest. I feel so badly for her family. I know they hoped and hoped that she truley was still alive, although, I think they knew that she probably wasn't.
I am currently going to school to become a nurse after many years of hem hawing around and not getting it done. I think that is why I am always interested in cases. I love the show the FIRST 48. I guess I just want closure for all those families. To me, that would be SO awful to have your child go missing, and have NO idea where to look! Of course, in this case, the mother is reportedly the one who has killed the child.
I just don't understand that! How can a mother not love her child?? I mean, even if she went into a fit of rage and did something to hurt the baby, and God forbid, the baby died. How then could the mother stuff her little body in a TRASH BAG????? I just cannot comprehend it.
Although I am relieved, I am also saddened. I want to do something to help remember this little girl that I never knew. I don't know what yet, but I am thinking. I have already donated numerous times to the search efforts, I want to do something more personal.

Old book Print Jewelry!

I happen to love Old books! I don't read them really, I just like the fact that they came from SO long ago and have made it through many era's! I especially love the ones that LOOK old.

I have recently tried my hand at book print jewelry and even a purse. For my first ones, they didn't turn out bad at all! I truley love them.

Up above is a pendant made with old buttons, an old swarovski bead, and old 1900's book print! Very cute!

Also, a cute button ring, with old book print.

Finally, a neat vintage 1960's bag covered in old book print.

Please check out these items for sale at my esty:

I think I smell an onion!

I made it through an hour and half of sitting on the hardest bench EVER just to see my daughter perform. The funniest thing about being a parent is when you see your child performing at school or some event, I swear everytime its like an onion is being cut nearby, you ALWAYS get teary-eyed, your heart swells to bursting, you feel sweaty and jittery! I have four children so I get to experience it quite often :o)

I am already thinking of some new ideas that I want to make over the weekend. I am going to make some conversation heart jewelry, out of polymer clay. I am trying to think of a way to print out the little words on some kind of clear paper that I can decoupage onto the little hearts. I even thought about using real conversation hearts and shellacking them, wonder how that would hold up?
Anyways, I am going to search out more pictures in a moment to add. I am still trying to learn how to get friends, and how to figure out if anyone is even seeing this. So IF you are reading this, post me a note so I know I am not alone!!


I made it back!

After all that setting up, and deciding, I was wondering if I would even be able to find my way back! I am on my way to see my 9 year old daughter, Kayla, play in a Christmas play at school. I have been trying to organize all my craft junk and MAN do I need help! Santa should send me an elf to help for Christmas!

These are a pair of my cute sock monkey earrings that I make! I will try and list new pictures everyday of things I have been making.

Do you ESTY?? I do and I love it! What is Etsy you say? Its a wonderful website for crafters, kinda like EBAY but way better! There are tons of wonderful things on there. IN fact, if you like sock monkeys, please check out my items,
go to

Gotta run for now.... I am always running wide open, off to Goodwill, then to work, then home to get school clothes ready for the next day! I think if I slowed down I might not make it lol! Hope to see some new friends soon!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, Hello world, here I am!

Well, after much clicking, deciding, thinking, changing my mind, and finally giving up till tomorrow, I am here! WOW was that an experience! All I wanna do is show off my goodies and meet others with the same likes!
About me.. I am 34, I have four children ranging in ages 13-7, two boys, two girls. I LOVE JUNK! I like antiques. I like collectables! I like pretty much everything inbetween. But what I REALLY like is to find something for a dollar thats worth a hundred! It's like a rush I guess. To find something at a tag sale, and rush home to the computer to look it up! I may have paid .50 for it and it may be worth only .25. BUT, I might have paid .50 and it be worth 500! It's happened before, many times!
Anyways, I am at work right now so I am signing off until I get home. I will talk more about my monkeys and love of clay and crafts later on and add bunches of pics~
I hope to make some new friends!