Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I smell an onion!

I made it through an hour and half of sitting on the hardest bench EVER just to see my daughter perform. The funniest thing about being a parent is when you see your child performing at school or some event, I swear everytime its like an onion is being cut nearby, you ALWAYS get teary-eyed, your heart swells to bursting, you feel sweaty and jittery! I have four children so I get to experience it quite often :o)

I am already thinking of some new ideas that I want to make over the weekend. I am going to make some conversation heart jewelry, out of polymer clay. I am trying to think of a way to print out the little words on some kind of clear paper that I can decoupage onto the little hearts. I even thought about using real conversation hearts and shellacking them, wonder how that would hold up?
Anyways, I am going to search out more pictures in a moment to add. I am still trying to learn how to get friends, and how to figure out if anyone is even seeing this. So IF you are reading this, post me a note so I know I am not alone!!


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