Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, Hello world, here I am!

Well, after much clicking, deciding, thinking, changing my mind, and finally giving up till tomorrow, I am here! WOW was that an experience! All I wanna do is show off my goodies and meet others with the same likes!
About me.. I am 34, I have four children ranging in ages 13-7, two boys, two girls. I LOVE JUNK! I like antiques. I like collectables! I like pretty much everything inbetween. But what I REALLY like is to find something for a dollar thats worth a hundred! It's like a rush I guess. To find something at a tag sale, and rush home to the computer to look it up! I may have paid .50 for it and it may be worth only .25. BUT, I might have paid .50 and it be worth 500! It's happened before, many times!
Anyways, I am at work right now so I am signing off until I get home. I will talk more about my monkeys and love of clay and crafts later on and add bunches of pics~
I hope to make some new friends!