Wednesday, December 17, 2008

re: Caylee Anthony

I realize this has nothing to do with crafting or sock monkeys, but a blog is supposed to be our thoughts and fears, and happiness and sadness right?
Well, I have been following the tragic case of a missing toddler from Florida named Caylee Marie Anthony. Her mother did not report her missing for 31 days. Finally, her mother cornered her and MADE her tell where Caylee was at, and the mother, Casey Anthony, then blames it all on a phantom "nanny". This was first reported on my wedding anniversary, July 16th. I haven't slept good since that time! I don't know if it is due to my having children, or just a love for other humans, but it has bothered me and as my husband has said, has kept me obsessed since the story broke.
I have literally prayed EVERY day, that God would allow little Caylee to be found, one way or another, whether dead or alive. Although, in my heart, I have always felt she was no longer alive. Last thursday, after MONTHS of search crews searching, a utility worker from Florida went into the woods, near the Anthony home to relieve himself and saw a black garbage bag. Apparently, he instantly thought of Caylee, because he reached out and kicked the bag, only to his horror to have a skull roll out!
Well, this broke out into a media frenzy. What I thought might never be, is happening. God has allowed her tiny body to be found.
I am so thankful, that she can be properly laid to rest. I feel so badly for her family. I know they hoped and hoped that she truley was still alive, although, I think they knew that she probably wasn't.
I am currently going to school to become a nurse after many years of hem hawing around and not getting it done. I think that is why I am always interested in cases. I love the show the FIRST 48. I guess I just want closure for all those families. To me, that would be SO awful to have your child go missing, and have NO idea where to look! Of course, in this case, the mother is reportedly the one who has killed the child.
I just don't understand that! How can a mother not love her child?? I mean, even if she went into a fit of rage and did something to hurt the baby, and God forbid, the baby died. How then could the mother stuff her little body in a TRASH BAG????? I just cannot comprehend it.
Although I am relieved, I am also saddened. I want to do something to help remember this little girl that I never knew. I don't know what yet, but I am thinking. I have already donated numerous times to the search efforts, I want to do something more personal.

Old book Print Jewelry!

I happen to love Old books! I don't read them really, I just like the fact that they came from SO long ago and have made it through many era's! I especially love the ones that LOOK old.

I have recently tried my hand at book print jewelry and even a purse. For my first ones, they didn't turn out bad at all! I truley love them.

Up above is a pendant made with old buttons, an old swarovski bead, and old 1900's book print! Very cute!

Also, a cute button ring, with old book print.

Finally, a neat vintage 1960's bag covered in old book print.

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I think I smell an onion!

I made it through an hour and half of sitting on the hardest bench EVER just to see my daughter perform. The funniest thing about being a parent is when you see your child performing at school or some event, I swear everytime its like an onion is being cut nearby, you ALWAYS get teary-eyed, your heart swells to bursting, you feel sweaty and jittery! I have four children so I get to experience it quite often :o)

I am already thinking of some new ideas that I want to make over the weekend. I am going to make some conversation heart jewelry, out of polymer clay. I am trying to think of a way to print out the little words on some kind of clear paper that I can decoupage onto the little hearts. I even thought about using real conversation hearts and shellacking them, wonder how that would hold up?
Anyways, I am going to search out more pictures in a moment to add. I am still trying to learn how to get friends, and how to figure out if anyone is even seeing this. So IF you are reading this, post me a note so I know I am not alone!!


I made it back!

After all that setting up, and deciding, I was wondering if I would even be able to find my way back! I am on my way to see my 9 year old daughter, Kayla, play in a Christmas play at school. I have been trying to organize all my craft junk and MAN do I need help! Santa should send me an elf to help for Christmas!

These are a pair of my cute sock monkey earrings that I make! I will try and list new pictures everyday of things I have been making.

Do you ESTY?? I do and I love it! What is Etsy you say? Its a wonderful website for crafters, kinda like EBAY but way better! There are tons of wonderful things on there. IN fact, if you like sock monkeys, please check out my items,
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Gotta run for now.... I am always running wide open, off to Goodwill, then to work, then home to get school clothes ready for the next day! I think if I slowed down I might not make it lol! Hope to see some new friends soon!