Monday, January 5, 2009

starting round 2, for the evening crew!

featuring etsy sellers and all their spots!!

Ok everybody! Here it is, and its gonna be a lovely one! You still have time to get your item on here. I will update as I can through the day. You know what I love about spots and dots? they make me happy! Think about it. A spotted puppy. AWWW how cute!

Or how about some dippen dots icecream?? LOVE THOSE, great for kids, NO MESS!

Dots and spots are just a happy thing! Enough of my ramblings lol, heres some great dottie items from talented Etsy sellers. See something you like? Click on the link provided with each photo! REMEMBER what goes around comes around (or is it the other way around??) So buy
something today!

sippy cup leash by Morgan Nichole

Gold Lampwork Earrings by PaprikasPlace

Emerald swarovski flatbacks by GivingGrace

Pink vintage chenille covered buttons by Leahkl
6.50 set of 6

Dottie Longsleeved Sweater by Wenz27

bubblegum machine beaded earrings by fantasybeader

Blue dot serving tray by dpholkdesigns

bright multicolored dangle bracelet by hollystreasures

Mini crayon roll by Bellflower Textiles

set of two burp cloths by splendidthings

sweet talk heart earrings by isewcute

amy butler table runner by thesicilianhideaway

dalmation jasper earrings by azjewelrydesigns

circles and dots fused glass pendant by moonofglass

Good Morning Everybody! Today is Dot Day!

Good morning! I hope everyone had a restful night! My kids went back to school this morning YIPPEE!! ANYWAYS enough of my jubilation lol, today we are going to feature dots. polka dots, spots, circles, WHATEVER fits in with the theme. If you have an item you would like to have featured, please post it here
If you HAVE NOT been featured yet, on the first line of your post please put
**I have not been featured yet!**
that way you can come first :o) I will try to put as many as I can, but it will be on a first come, first serve basis, so try to get your item in early! I look forward to see what everyone drags out!
OH and by the way, one of our featured sellers items sold yesterday! The argyle fingerless gloves! YIPPEE!! Congratulations seller! I wont start on todays blog until about 11 am and its 7:30 here, so you have some time still to get your item picked out!
Gotta go get me some coffee......