Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I know, I know... That sounds like little Timmy from A Christmas Carol, but its true! I hope everyone has a great holiday! We are pretty broke this year, so our Christmas isn't very merry as far as gifts are concerned, in fact my husband and I didn't even buy each other anything at all. But at times like this, it makes you realize just what Christmas really is about. I am just so thankful that I have four healthy children and good husband!
Sure its easy to be sad when you see everyone around you buying expensive things for their children, and it does make you stop and think "WHY ME?" Why cant I have good fortune like everyone else?
I have felt that way several times this Holiday. But everytime that I find myself mullygrubbing, I try to stop and think about those that are standing in a line waiting to get a plate of hot food, because they are just thankful to be able to EAT for Christmas. And I think about those that have no electricity, or water, or even transportation.
And most importantly, I think of those that will be celebrating a sad sad day today. Nothing has affected me more, EVER, than the case of the missing Floriday toddler, Caylee Marie Anthony. 2 weeks ago, after searching for her since July, they found her tiny little body, in a trash bag, less than a mile from her home. Her mother is in jail on charges of murder. She was a beautiful little girl, that was smart and funny from all the videos, and pictures that they have shown. Last year at this time, she was opening her presents, and excited over Santa. This year, she is celebrating the ultimate Christmas with Jesus!
I am just so thankful for health, and life, and love, and joy! There are so many things wrong in the world today, and if you really start thinking about it, you can get yourself down pretty quickly. But instead of focusing on the negative, try to think of a positive. It could
ALWAYS be worse! No matter what YOUR situation, there is someone else that is a worse predicament than you are.
Thank you GOD for YOUR ultimate gift, and thank you for all my gifts, Breahna, Joshua, Kayla, Noah, and husband RAY!
Happy Holidays!