Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday's Feature: White!

anything white, in any shade of white! Let's brighten up our day :o)
Heres the link:

Heres a treat just for you, from Etsy sellers!

A few fun facts about chocolate :o)

Chocolate causes hyperactivity in kids (because it contains too much sugar):
This is commonly heard, but isn't really true. According to many studies, sugar does NOT cause hyperactivity in children. Amongst others, studies at the Vanderbuilt University, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine [Feb. 1994], found absolutely no evidence that sugar and hyperactivity were linked at all.
Protecting against heart disease and cancer.
Cocoa beans contain a type of antioxidant which may have a role in the prevention of certain diseases. The catechins that is found in cocoa beans help to protect the body against degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Catechin can also be found in fruits and vegetables. However, the body needs to capture as many different types of catechins as possible, such as those that are found in tea and chocolate. (A good reason to drink tea and eat chocolate--in moderation of course!)
Chocolate causes migraines/headaches.
Chocolate is often said to trigger migraines or headaches. However, numerous international trials have found that there are in fact, other factors that can cause migraines or headaches. Such factors may be stress, tiredness, excitement, anger, and hormones. Fasting and eating other foods might also play a role in this. Not drinking enough water may also result in migraines or headaches. Much more research is needed before chocolate can be claimed as not guilty of those infernal migraines and headaches.
Acne and pimples.
A recent Melbourne study has shown that about 70% of people think that certain foods can cause or increase acne. Chocolate is generally thought as being one of the main culprits. However, there is no scientific evidence up to this date that proves that chocolate does trigger or makes acne worse.
in general, along with long periods of inactivity are the main reasons that may result in obesity. If a person regularly eats more food than their body needs, they will store that excess energy as body fat. Chocolate is energy dense. Regularly eating too much energy-dense foods can be a quick way to gain extra pounds. But it is wrong to say that regularly eating chocolate will lead to obesity if you eat high quality chocolate in moderation. A person who has a healthy diet and lifestyle can safely eat good quality chocolate in moderation without fearing the possible weight gain.
Chocolate is not a ‘health food’.
While there may be some healthy things in chocolate, it does have other components that are not good for you when you have too much of them in your diet - like fat and sugar. Chocolate should not be talked about as some kind of ‘health food’. At the same time, the evidence so far can help take away the guilt of eating chocolate in moderation.

Good day everyone :o) Think Brown like Chocolate!

Todays feature is Chocolate, so think dark/light brown! Get your links in early! Link is in previous post