Monday, December 22, 2008

Here I am at work and I have an idea!

LOL, I come to work to think of new ideas! I work at a hospital and answer phones and page the Dr.'s. I only work evening so its normally pretty slow, so I spend my time, crafting, lookin on the net, blogging, answering emails, buying onine, LOL, that's what work is for right?? I have the best job :o)
Anyways, my idea is a
I found a link to make an easy light box, to make my pictures turn out better! I am making it as soon as I get home!
I might have to improvise on a couple of the items needed, but surely any kind of box will help the pics turn out better!

back to the grind!

Well my workweek starts today, and its FREEZING outside! Oh well, its Christmas weather I guess! Havent made ONE thing yet today! I think I might take my clay to work and make Twilight clay apple pendants.... Will post a pic tomorrow!