Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I made it back!

After all that setting up, and deciding, I was wondering if I would even be able to find my way back! I am on my way to see my 9 year old daughter, Kayla, play in a Christmas play at school. I have been trying to organize all my craft junk and MAN do I need help! Santa should send me an elf to help for Christmas!

These are a pair of my cute sock monkey earrings that I make! I will try and list new pictures everyday of things I have been making.

Do you ESTY?? I do and I love it! What is Etsy you say? Its a wonderful website for crafters, kinda like EBAY but way better! There are tons of wonderful things on there. IN fact, if you like sock monkeys, please check out my items,
go to

Gotta run for now.... I am always running wide open, off to Goodwill, then to work, then home to get school clothes ready for the next day! I think if I slowed down I might not make it lol! Hope to see some new friends soon!