Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello to a new year!! (well almost!)

here I am at work and it 8 pm. I cant WAIT for a new year to start! This past year has been good, not great, not bad, but just ok. I have finished another semester at school, and am still working on getting into the nursing program.
I was pretty sad about it the last few days as my sister got into a year long program and I didnt. She got in because her hospital pays 100 percent, and mine doesnt, so I couldnt afford the 5000 dollar tuition.
OH WELL, life goes on, and I am looking forward to finishing my prereqs and getting into the RN program.
I am also looking forward to hopefully growing my blog, and my Etsy shop!
I am going to start working on some new things this weekend, to try and come up with something that will sell. I NEED to sell something! I want to get away from Ebay completely.
Heres to many happy sales for all crafters, whatever their venue may be!!
Oh and tell all your friends to follow my blog, Im gonna work on getting better and more creative !!


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