Monday, December 29, 2008

There is a REASON its called an Addiction!

Take for instance, TWITTER! I cant just Twitter once, or twice a day. I feel compelled to Twitter nonstop, as long as I see others Twittering back! Same with Etsy. Why must I check my hearts more than once a day? Its an addiction I tell you! But not all addictions are bad right???
LOL, thats what I tell myself anyways.....
I just made a midnight run to the store.
Heres the scenerio:
Mom goes to work. Dad fixes dinner for him and the kids. Youngest daughter doesnt feel like eating right now. Dad is still hungry. Dad eats youngest daughters hamburger cause OBVIOUSLY she doesnt want it. Mom gets home from work. Mom hears daughter whining DAD ATE MY HAMBURGER and IM HUNGRY! Mom has to go the store at MIDNIGHT to get daughter a snack.
Moral of this story??
DADS do not eat your childrens dinner, EVEN if they dont want it right now. Chances are, as soon as you eat it, suddenly they are gonna want it!

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