Sunday, January 4, 2009

well a new day starts today!

Man I shouldnt stayed up so late last night! Oh well, a little too late to think about that now! I've been chatting with a few Etsians on the Etsy boards, and they have shown me some great things to feature for them today! Todays color choice is BROWN! Brown is a gorgeous color, dontcha think? I especially love brown and pink together. I will have to look up what brown stands for. You know, like people say red makes you hungry, blue calms you, ect. Wonder what brown does??
If anybody knows, please post it for us all to see! OH and always, please support your fellow etsians! I dont have a lot of extra cash right now, but I am going to find SOMETHING to buy today. I want Etsy to do good, and prosper, to become the new EBAY for all the crafting community! A surefire way to make sure that happens, is to purchase SOMETHING from SOMEONE once a week. I dont care if its only .50! BUY SOMETHING and show that you support your fellow etsians!
If you dont really know what to buy, just think of something that you like. Say cookies for instance. Go to the main Etsy website (just in case theres newbies reading!) and enter the term COOKIES in the search box. So lets just say you only have 1.50, lets see what we can find to buy from someone with 1.50.
Now it takes you to the list where the newest items are listed first. Well, I dont have a lot of money, so I need to show the cheapest items first!
If you click on PRICE (located at the righthand side top of the list) once, you will see it sorts everything from highest to lowest. Well, I havent won the lotto yet, so 5,000 is a little much today... LOL
Click the price button again and Walaaa! Now it sorts it by the lowest price first!
So what can I buy for a 1.50??
Well how about this

sugar cookie candle by earthinion
buy it here!

Or how about this?
(these look SOOO good! Im gonna make some cookies today!)

Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies recipe by mycozycreations
buy it here!

How about this cute little ponytail holder??

by gotamago
buy it here!

Or, last but not least, these cute little magnets!

by jenis1321
buy it here!

Do you see my point?? There is always something we can buy. Even if its something really inexpensive! Make an Etsy pact today that you will buy at least ONE thing this week! and truley try to stick with it! It doesnt have to be cookies of course, as I said earlier, enter any search term you like and click lowest prices first and see whats there!

I hope I've stimulated you :o)


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  1. I agree, I usually buy all my goodies from other etsy sellers. It's great! P.S. I wish I could smell that candle, I'm a candle freak!!