Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Brown stands for..." Part 2!

As promised, here is part 2! Sorry it took so long, I have been so tired today~ Just came back from the craft store though, so I am re energized :o)

tiger eye necklace 25.00 by ClockRocks

three circles necklace 30.00 by battina68

fall sunset scarft 30.00 by BrightSideOut

3 leg pocket monster 8.00 by huckleberryhal

Chocolate Brown Bird Pin 4.50 by CraftZany

smoky quartz earrings 18.00 by GreenEyedGems

milk chocolate brown cotton coasters 6.50 by CurlyGirlCrochet

sterling silver peapod pendants with pearls 42.00 by carmanelectra

be mine dishtowel dress 20.00 by klosti

hummingbird tote bag 15.00 by swizzlestiches

brown duckling 24.95 by BeaG

hearts and keys shop banner 5.99

smoky quartz pendant 135.00 by gems2jewels

cabled brown scarft 14.00 by BathNBeads

silk scarf 15.00 by MadeWithLovingHands

golden days wreath 63.00 by SouthernGirlFlorals

little girls suede look cowgirl vest 20.00 by stitchgirl52

cute button ring 6.00 by Yanadesigns

robbie the brown bear 10.00 by wigglysee

Thats all she wrote folks for tonight~ Tomorrow I am going to be featuring POLKA DOTS or dots in general! So keep that in mind and please post here to have your item considered. If you didnt make it in todays run, please make sure when you post that you havent been featured yet, so you will get first priority! Hope everyone has a wonderful night./////


  1. Thank you for featuring my Three Circles Necklace! Great job on your blog!

  2. If your new at blogging you sure are doing one heck of a great job.

    Thanks for listing my vest.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my milk chocolate brown coasters! Lovely blog :)

  4. Great blog, thank you for including my little brown bear, all are such great items