Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Blog "BROWN stands for...."

Well here is our tribute to the warm gorgeous color BROWN! Featuring fellow Etsians and their work.... Support someone today!

Beenard the beekeeper giftbox, just 3.00!
by FayeHubele
buy it here!

How about this cute Hemp choker necklace?
Just 9.95 from WinterPanda
buy it here

Vintage spitton!
15.00 by spoodles
buy it here

gorgeous swarovski bracelet!
50.00 by happycloudmoments/whispersofastar
buy it here

violet woodland dreams tea lights
by AmbientLights 8.99 (set of 9)
buy it here

These are so cute! warm fingerless mittens 9.50
by happysouls
buy it here

Vintage polka dot baby dress (wouldnt that be cute on a bear???)
by Jasysboo 11.00
buy it here

Morroco style pendant
12.00 by ZephyrWoods
buy it here

Earth and sky crochet necklace
30.00 by Nishale
buy it here

Czech topaz earrings
10.00 by craftation

buy it here

real rose ring (this is adorable! great for Valentine's Day)
30.00 by BabyWhiteElephant
buy it here

handcrafted address book
10.00 by withanindiantouch

buy it here

Take a look at these beautiful items! I am taking a quick break, we will return shortly for part 2


  1. I just posted some brown items in the thread. Like your blog!

  2. Love all the browns!!
    I posted two browns on your thread.