Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've been tagged!

Not sure what it means exactly lol, but it says I have give you 7 fact about me. Some random or weird. and tag 7 other bloggers!

Fact #1:
Im really hungry so I decide to eat something I havent eaten in a while. UMM its so tasty! Now what? NOW I eat the same thing every day for OH how long? Sometimes week. Sometimes 2 weeks! Sometimes longer! thats my weird one.

Fact #2
I owned my own consignment shop for 2 years, and LOVED it! I sold women and childrens clothes and accessories. Even though the shop made money, it didnt make ENOUGH money to help with household bills AND pay the shops bill too. SO I had to close it. The name of my shop was CHIC REPEATS. I am currently going to school fulltime getting my prereqs to get into the nursing program. I already have my plans made. I want to finish school. THEN I will work as a nurse on the weekends two 16 hour days (you get paid for 40 hours here, although you are only working 32, since you are working the weekend shift).
That will leave my whole week open! SO, then I will reopen my shop, 2 days a week.
Ok now Im rambling...
Next fact:
I love gold~ I love to FIND gold! I sell gold when I find it! Im not sure what makes me like it, I think because its pure and it will never change, it wont disentigrate (sp?). I have made lots of money off gold. A lot of people dont know how to tell if something is real or not. Heres a little tip for you. If it will stick to a magnet it is NOT gold.
Next fact:
I can play the piano! by ear, not by note. Its very strange. I can hear the song, and sit down to play it. Maybe not perfectly but pretty well. It runs in my family!
Next fact:
Random fact--I deal with anxiety everyday. Its not fun. I take medication for anxiety. I do not like to have to depend on a pill to make me feel normal! Im hoping I grow out of it :o)
Next fact:
I've got your back! I am SO about taking up for people. I believe that when something is right its RIGHT. Not just for me, but for everybody. I will go to great lengths to fight for what is right. There is no inbetween!
Last fact:
I can make tamales and tortillas and Im white :op but my kids and husband are spanish so maybe thats kinda cheating....

7 people I have to tag are:


  1. I love it! I feel like I know you already, LOL! I'm spanish and very impressed by your ability to make tamales. I can't even do that! Great post.

  2. lol I love how you went from numbering your facts to "next fact" hehe. Very fun facts! :D

  3. it makes all my sisterinlaws jealous, cause they make tortillas with mix! My motherinlaw taught me the real way when my husband and I first got married, I think it mighta been a prerequisition now that I think about it lol

  4. I love finding out more about people:) I can totally relate to the anxiety and taking up for people:):)