Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yippee tomorrow is friday! What will the feature be??.....

Arent you glad its gonna be friday? Man I am~ Although I am highly ticked that there are no yard sales lol. Whats wrong with people? I cant see WHY they wouldnt want to have a yard sale in the freezing cold and possible rain. :o)
So... for tomorrows feature its going to be turquoise, brown and gold! Any one of those colors, or a mixture, I dont care, but those colors are gorgeous together!
Heres the link to the thread::
Sorry I didnt get to add those of you who posted later tonight for the black and pink. I ran out of time, but if you will get your items in right away you will get in for sure tomorrow, its better to be early, as the the later it gets, the likelihood of not getting in goes up. Not because I dont want to feature everyone, but theres not enough time in the day :o)

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