Friday, January 9, 2009

GOOOOOD Morning Etsy World!

Wow, I cant believe its already friday! I am going to craft today for sure! I want to make some Etsy Sales Fairy Pendants ! I might even give a step by step tutorial on here on how to make them!
Anyways, HERES SOME COFFEE! (passes out coffee from Starbucks!) If you have NOT posted your link yet for today's feature, please do so asap, its easier to make sure you get in if you post early toward the end of the thread, I usually either run out of room or time.
Link to thread:
IM gonna be adding some more ad boxes for everyone today. Please make sure to only get one ad per person that way everyone has a chance to feature their shop!
Thanks and Im hoping to snag a treasury this morning, and guess what??? Anyone from todays theme can/will be picked, who knows who it will be, but you cant be on there unless you post your link~! I cant feature someone I cant see lol. And who KNOWS, I could get lucky and get it to the front page this time :o)

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