Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on AMAZON Saga!

Hi everyone! thanks for your good wishes! Man this really sucks, and I am not even kidding you! It started with me going around and around this morning with Amazon. That got me absolutely nowhere. They said "YES we can see where something was charged, but we dont know what, and you will have to talk to billing to see about them refunding you. OH but there is no one there that takes incoming calls so it is done through email"
So they opened up another case. Then an hour later, I get another email from them stating that the case is closed. I clicked on the links in the email, and it wouldnt even let me in period! I finally called my bank again, I had to cancel my debit card, which is where my paycheck is, so I have to have my work cancel my direct deposit, so that I can get a paper check while this is being straightened out. That means I have to add the NEW debit card once it gets here in 10 business days, and then it will take a full month for direct deposit to take effect again! That really sucks, because I go to school and I dont have time to physically GO to work on fridays (Im off on fridays) and go to the bank. I can do it, but it is just a major hassel! But anyway, the bank says they will get the money back. I dont know how, or when but supposedly they were confident they would! We'll just have to wait and see what really happens with it....


  1. OMG, what a fiasco! I just bought a textbook on Amazon today too!! Well, thanks for the warning, and I hope everything works out! If you don't get your money back, you should start and email/letter-writing campaign and get all the etsians to write to Amazon and flood their mailboxes so you'll get your money back!! Good luck!!