Monday, January 26, 2009

good morning and WARNING! AMAZON users

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your monday morning is off to a good start! or at least a start.... Anyways, I havent had many responses yet to the new thread for NUMBERS, so please post something for tonights feature!
A WARNING for anyone using AMAZON! They have made a major mistake and taken money from our account that we did not authorize. We have never used their service, only signed up for an account a while back to look up school book prices and such. Never bought anything, never sold anything. But saturday early in the morning, I recieved an email saying they had debited 319.92 out of my account. And YEP thats THREE hundred ninety two, not three dollar! So I freaked out and tried to contact them. They say YES we show where we debited your credit card on file, but we cant see why it was done. Supposedly they were going to fix it and issue a refund. I recieve an email this morning, saying "we closed your account and your inquiry is closed"
So I email them back asking about the refund as they didn't mention it in the email. I recieve an email back that states "OH we never debited your account, we tried and it didn't go through but no money was ever taken". So of course by this time, I am HOT!
So I call ONCE again. This time they say, WELL yes I do see where it was taken out, but we cant guarentee they will refund the money. The agent says they are going to reopen the case and forward it to their billing area. We repeatedly asked WHY they charged us to being with, and we were given the run around every time. We have contacted our credit card company and they are investigating to see if we can get our money back. So please BEWARE!
Not to mention, it came from a card that my paycheck is direct deposited on. Please say a prayer for us that they will resolve it SOON! We are not rich, and that was a BUNCH of money to just have disappear!


  1. That's horrible! I thought amazon is pretty good in general. Never had a problem with them in like 5 years. But I have had similar situations with other companies that won't refund me what they were supposed to (dealing with Continental Airlines right now).

    I hope everything works out for you soon!

  2. Oh dear, that is horrible. You must go and file a police report for identity theft fraud. Print the page that shows your account was hit.

    Get 'em. I'm sorry this happened to you. It happened to me once because I used a card to do a craft show. The card information was not secure. I'll never do that again.

  3. YIKES!!! This stuff drives me up the wall!!! I've been on file with Amazon for years now and luckily haven't had any problems, but this fraud is everywhere these days. I cannot imagine having to take that much money as a complete loss, so I am confident you will get your money back. Think positive! Good luck!!!

  4. oh no, i'm so sorry. please keep us updated on the situation. i hope everything works out soon.

  5. best of luck getting this incident resolved...a lot of hassle I know...