Sunday, January 11, 2009

hoot hoot! Calling all night owls!

I got a new treasury :o) I did a fairy tale theme, and I didnt have time to search through the pics here, but please take a look and comment for me if you like it. Please click on all the pics as it helps the list to move up. Im going to go look through everyones shops now and see if I can find some things to change, that are you guys that have been following me.


  1. Hey there sock monkey girl!
    I just thought that i'd pay all my blog followers a visit, ya, all eleven of you. Not as many as some but hey it's not about quantity is all about quality right?:)
    I see in you last post you speak of Spring. Well I too cannot wait till there is warmer whether. I'm tired of being cold!
    Well you take care and hope to see ya around.

  2. Nice. I liked the chateau and day planner and the humpty dumpty is great. I clicked & commented. Good luck.

  3. thank you miss melinda :o)
    happy day to you :o)

  4. Hi there! Great treasury. I commented. Signed up to follow your blog too - wow, I'm impressed with myself! Can't believe I figured out all of this 'puter stuff.