Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy to be in a new year~

I am so glad to be in a new year~! A new year always seems so refreshing, its a new start! And really, you dont know what could happen this year! It could be bad, it could be good. Whatever happens, I hope I can improve my life somehow. Theres always things that we can work on, but I want to be REALLY creative and thing of something thats really neat, really easy to make, and EVERYONE needs and wants!
YIPEE, school starts back on monday, so the kids will be gone, and I can do some more creative crafting, or in my case,
LOL, thats my new years resolution, to clean up my craft area! Every time I get it looking good, I come up with some new idea, that I wanna try RIGHT NOW, and before you know it
BAM! Its a huge mess again. And I cant even blame it on the kids!

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