Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy thursday!

Todays feature is pastels! I hope you guys have something to add so you can be featured! Is anyone else taking college courses right now? I am, and I love it, but I am in Math which I HATE with a passion, and am trying to figure out a way to pass it lol! Me and algebra dont jive!! Anyone have any tips on being an older student and how to pass math??


  1. Have you considered asking another student to tutor you on a specific topic? Sometimes it takes someone who is a student as well to put something in the right terms for you.I have always been good at math and would help some of my friends. The hardest one to help were the ones who kept declaring how much they hated it, or who said that they were no good at it- you have obviously learned lots of difficult skills in your life, so quit saying that stuff! You've heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy? Start believing that you can understand this stuff and try not to clench up. Whew, that was pretty preachy, but maybe there's a little nugget in there that can make a difference to you. I wish you new understanding and success in your coursework!