Tuesday, January 13, 2009

good morning everybody, Im still waiting .....

on your links! Get them in, be featured for free, whats the holdup??? Hope everyone is having a great day. As for me, I am FREEZING, and I cant craft when Im cold darnit@!
Did you know, I have never been to Chicago? Yet I LOVE Chicago style dogs? I have, however, lived in Colorado, and there was an Orange Julius there that served the BEST orange smoothies and Chicago style hot dogs. I made myself one today. I know you are going to look at it and think EWWW, but do NOT knock something until you've tried it!
Mine has the following ingredients:
hotdog bun
turkey breast (I ran out of Ballpark franks, and its too cold to go buy some more!)
pickle relish (sweet)
purple onion
That might be MORE than what they put on theirs, its just what I remember. We had them the other night and they were SO good!
I especially love them because they put the buns in this steamer thing, and they come out so soft and fluffy! Here's a little tip from me to you, that works exactly the same! Wet a papertowl and wring out excess water. Lay wet towel over the top of your bun and microwave it for about 12 seconds. WAAlaa!!
OH and to top off my healthy lunch, I am having a COKE float! (to counteract all that healthy goodness!)

DO I have too much time on my hands? Probably. Do you enjoy seeing and reading? I hope so :o)

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