Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you a Twilight fan?

Twilight is HUGE right now, here where we live, I bet where you live to! At first I wasnt too thrilled that my kids were all googoogaagaa over it, since the basis is Vampires. But, I am one to not knock something till I've tried it. SO I decided to read book number one. Well I decided to start reading it about 11 pm one night after work.
4:30 AM comes around and I have just finished reading it! But I LOVED it. I am not even sure why, it was just really really good fiction I guess :o)
I've been a Twilight fan ever since! Anyways, I have made several scrapbooks that I have sold on Etsy that are Twilight inspired.
I just finished this today, what do you think?
It was made with scrabble tiles, and vintage glass beads, which I LOVE! Turned out quite I think. Now Im off to list it :o) What did YOU Make today?
Feel free to post your links here to the items you've made, its free advertisement :o)

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  1. I added some bling to this purple pendant and made matching earrings.

    Linda B
    Jewelry Designer